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Best Ideas For Dining Room Decor

A beautifully designed dining room can transform ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Whether you’re hosting lavish dinner parties or enjoying casual family suppers, the right decor can make all the difference. Let’s dive in and discover how you can elevate your dining space, making it both functional and fabulous.

dining table and chandelier
An eye-catching chandelier adds interest to this luxurious dining room from our Miami project.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a lively atmosphere with colorful chairs, statement lighting or interesting wallpaper.

  • For an elevated look, don't match your chairs, table and sideboards. Mix furniture styles to reflect individual tastes.

  • Add wall art and decor.

  • Interesting features can include shelving for storage and cozy banquette seating.

  • Incorporate natural elements, choose centerpiece ideas wisely & select window treatments for light control. Create multi-functional spaces with bold patterns/textures plus seasonal decor accessories to personalize the space.

Colorful Dining Chairs

One delightful way to introduce a splash of color to your dining room is by incorporating vibrant chairs. This simple yet effective change can create a lively and inviting atmosphere for your family or guests, making it one of the great dining room ideas to consider.

In a spacious dining room, you can combine various types of seating, such as upholstered chairs or even vintage chairs, to add interest and character to the space. A cozy tufted banquette in a bold color or luminous vinyl creates a cozy seating area while creating visual interest in your room. Regardless of your chosen style, colorful dining chairs can transform your dining space into a visually captivating and welcoming area.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting significantly shapes the atmosphere and ambiance in your dining area. For your dining room, select unique and visually appealing lighting fixtures, such as:

  • Chandeliers

  • Pendant lights

  • Wall lighting

These are particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings.

Some ideas we love:

  • a vintage light fixture hung with nautical rope

  • rattan globes of different sizes group together

  • modern wire versions of a traditional chandelier

  • modern white plaster organically shaped light fixture

  • linear chandeliers with multiple pendants

  • a glass bubble chandelier with blown glass globes of varying sizes and heights

  • a copper-toned Tom Dixon pendant light

These eye-catching lighting options can serve as a focal point in your dining room, setting the mood for memorable dinner parties and family gatherings.

a dining room with statement lighting
Our modern farmhouse project, with statement lighting and sophisticated wallpaper.

Mixing Furniture Styles

An interior designer can help you achieve a personalized and eclectic dining room by combining different furniture styles. By blending modern and vintage styles, you can achieve a unique and visually engaging space that appeals to both contemporary and traditional sensibilities.

For example, pairing a rustic farm table with modern wicker chairs can create an interesting contrast and add depth to your dining room decor. Painting a traditional dining table in a bold lacquer paint and pairing it with clear acrylic chairs creates a modern space with nod to the traditional. Another option is to mix upholstery fabrics in your dining chairs, allowing you to play with textures and patterns while maintaining cohesion within the space.

Ultimately, mixing furniture styles enables you to create a dining room that is truly your own.

Wall Art and Decor

The overall design of your dining room can be elevated by enhancing the walls with captivating art pieces, gallery walls, or decorative mirrors, creating visual interest. For example, accent walls can frame your dining table dramatically, while wall and window treatments can generate a unique three-dimensional look.

Consider adding texture and pattern to your dining space through the use of large bronze-framed mirrors, striking wallpaper, or even a curated gallery wall. When selecting wall art and decor, choose pieces that resonate with you and reflect your personal style. This will ensure that your dining room feels like a true reflection of your personality and taste.

Open Shelving and Storage

Showcasing your favorite dinnerware, glassware, and decorative items while keeping the space organized and clutter-free can be achieved by incorporating open shelving and built-in storage solutions in your dining room. This is especially helpful in small dining spaces where the need to maximize space is crucial.

Built-in storage, such as a buffet or bar, can also transform an awkward corner into a functional and visually appealing area. By adding open shelving or transforming the dining table into a mini showcase for trinkets, you can display your cherished items in style while maintaining a clean and organized dining room.

Cozy Banquette Seating

For compact spaces or for incorporating additional seating options in larger dining rooms, banquette seating can offer a warm and intimate dining area. By constructing a cozy banquette within a bay window or along a wall, you can create an inviting nook for family meals and casual gatherings.

Upholstered benches with comfortable cushions can also add a touch of luxury to your dining space, while maximizing seating capacity. Choosing durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as acrylic performance fabrics, sleek shimmery vinyls or faux textured leathers, ensures that your banquette seating remains both stylish and practical for years to come.

kitchen eating area
We designed this upholstered bench seat to be the perfect place for casual family dinners.

Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables provide versatility and functionality to your dining room, making it easier to accommodate various group sizes and occasions. Whether you’re hosting a large dinner party or enjoying an intimate family meal, an extendable dining table can adapt to your needs.

Extendable dining tables are available in various shapes, such as round, square, or oval, and can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your gathering. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for those who love to entertain or simply need the flexibility to accommodate different numbers of guests at their round table.

Natural Elements

A warm and welcoming atmosphere can be created in your dining room design by introducing natural materials, such as wood, stone, or plants. These elements evoke a sense of comfort and connection to nature, which can make your dining space feel more inviting and relaxing.

For example, incorporating a wooden farm table or stone accents in your dining room can add a rustic charm to the space. Similarly, adding potted plants or hanging planters can bring a touch of the outdoors inside, enhancing the overall ambiance and vitality of your dining area.

Centerpiece Ideas

The overall aesthetic of your dining space can be greatly enhanced by an eye-catching centerpiece. Whether you prefer elegant floral arrangements, flickering candles, or unique decorative objects, the right centerpiece can set the tone for your dining room and create a visually engaging focal point.

For instance, you might consider a seasonal centerpiece that incorporates fresh flowers or foliage, or a holiday-themed display for special occasions. Alternatively, a decorative bowl filled with fruit or a collection of vintage candlesticks can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your dining table. Ultimately, your centerpiece should reflect your personal style and complement the overall decor of your dining room.

Rug Selection

A perfect rug for your dining room can not only add warmth, texture, and style to the space but also protect your floors. A rug can also serve to anchor your dining room, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

When selecting a rug for your dining area, consider factors such as size, shape, and material. A cowhide rug, for example, is a surprisingly suitable choice for beneath a dining table, offering both durability and visual interest. Adding a waterproof rug such as Chilewich in a surprising design, adds texture and functionality while being super easy to clean. Additionally, repeating the shape of the table in the rug can help establish a sense of rhythm and harmony in the dining room.

Window Treatments

Stylish and functional window treatments, such as curtains, blinds, or shutters, can help enhance your dining room windows while controlling light and privacy in the space. Window treatments can also add an additional layer of texture and interest to your dining room decor.

To create a unified and visually appealing space, consider using the same fabric for your wall covering and window treatments. Alternatively, you can experiment with bold patterns and colors to make a statement and draw attention to your windows. Ultimately, your window treatments should complement the overall design of your dining room while providing the desired level of light control and privacy.

Multi-Functional Dining Spaces

Multi-functional dining spaces maximize the use of your small dining room, allowing it to serve various purposes like a home office, library, or music room. This approach is particularly useful in modern homes, where formal dining rooms may be less popular due to their perceived stuffiness and lack of suitability for contemporary lifestyles.

To create a multi-functional dining space, consider incorporating furniture that can serve multiple functions, such as an extendable dining table or folding chairs. Additionally, adding elements like a piano or bookshelves can transform your dining room into a versatile space that caters to various needs and interests.

Bold Patterns and Textures

A dynamic and visually engaging space can be created by incorporating bold patterns and textures in your dining room decor. Wallpaper, upholstery, and table linens are just a few examples of elements that can be used to introduce strong designs and textures to your dining room.

For a playful twist, consider using zebra upholstery on your dining chairs, paired with a more subdued color palette for the rest of the room. Another option is to experiment with patterned wallpaper or table linens to add visual interest and depth to your dining space. Bold patterns and textures can make your dining room feel unique and inviting, reflecting your personal style and taste.

Seasonal Decor

Keeping the space feeling fresh and inviting throughout the year can be achieved by updating your dining room decor seasonally. By changing linens, accessories, and color schemes, you can create a dining room that reflects the current season and sets the mood for any occasion.

Consider switching out table runners, napkins, and placemats with seasonal colors and patterns, or adding holiday-themed centerpieces during festive times. This approach not only keeps your dining room visually appealing but also makes it a more enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family.

Accessorizing Your Dining Room

A space that truly reflects your style and personality can be created by accessorizing your dining room with unique and personal touches. Tableware, artwork, and decorative objects are all examples of accessories that can be used to enhance your dining room decor.

When selecting accessories for your dining room, consider items that resonate with you and complement the overall design of the space. Group items together in odd numbers and create a focal point with a larger item to make your dining room feel balanced and visually appealing.

By adding personal touches to your dining room, you can create a space that is both functional and reflective of your unique style.


In conclusion, there are countless ways to enhance your dining room decor and create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. From colorful chairs and statement lighting to bold patterns and seasonal decor, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating these design ideas and personalizing your dining room, you can create a space that not only serves its purpose but also reflects your unique style and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What art is ideal for dining room?

Abstract pieces, natural scenes, street photography, landscapes, flowers, animals and still-lifes are all excellent options for decorating the dining room. Botanical art is a particularly great choice as it can bring in subtle accents while still providing guests with a beautiful and thought-provoking artwork to admire.

What are the most common dining room layouts?

The four most common dining room layouts are formal dining rooms, open style dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and eclectic arrangements. These can accommodate different numbers of people and create various atmospheres for your meals.

How can I make my dining room better?

Paint the walls, add textured wallpaper, change the light fixture, re-upholster chairs, add upholstered host chairs to your dining set, purchase a textured table runner and add plants to your space to make your dining room less boring.

What can I put in the middle of my dining table?

For a stunning dining table centerpiece, try potted plants, a collection of urns or vases, candle hurricanes, table linens, candle sticks, foraged leaves or a bowl of fruit.


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