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At Herringbone & Brass, we collaborate with our clients to create beautiful spaces that enhance and highlight key features of their luxury homes, regardless of whether they plan to stay or sell. Our goal is to help our clients live well by designing spaces that meet their specific needs and style preferences.
We believe that great interior design is about creating a comfortable and inviting space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Whether you're looking to renovate or simply refresh your home, we specialize in maximizing its potential with bespoke designs and expert styling. Trust us to create the perfect space that meets your every need and exceeds your expectations.

Family room


coffee table decor

The Step Before Finding a Broker

Our clients come to us before they place their luxury home on the market. We provide guidance so they can make more informed real estate decisions.
We oversee the entire process and make sure our clients understand and are comfortable with timelines, budgets, and expectations.


Bathroom with white counter and cabinetry, warm brass faucet, brass cabinet and drawer pulls, and red flowers.

Enhancing a Home's Features

We believe each home has a unique story, and work to highlight and enhance the key features of each space through bespoke styling or staging.
We help our clients think through the best ROI: staging to change out furniture, revamping spaces through styling, or interior design to enhance spaces.


kitchen backsplash

A Magazine-Worthy Home

We work with builders and architects to create beautiful designs for, and with our clients, that help them live well in their home and work spaces. 
We source the colors, fabrics, and finishes that give that 'Wow!' feeling and ensure the form and function fit our client and the space as best as possible.

Herringbone & Brass team of interior designers and real estate styling experts


We can't wait to learn about your project!

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